Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Accidental Fire.

I didn't think I'd do much in the way of intentional Project Spectrum-age this year (the Ribbed Lace Bolero was entirely incidental), but when I was deciding which of my single socks to finally pair off, the classical elements seemed as good a means as any for making an arbitrary decision.

I stand by it, too, because seriously, why did I let this singleton linger so long? These puppies belong on feet. Preferably mine.

Pattern: Twisted Tweed, by Schrodinger
Yarn: Trekking XXL, in Color 147
Needles: US 1s

At any rate, by halfway through the second sock I was hooked on this whole element thing. Maybe because I saw this, and like everyone else and their respective uncles, I had to make one. I was looking for something, ideally a non-sock something, to do with my pretty but bound-to-pool Shibui sock yarn, and clearly this was it. And it's orange! So obviously I had to finish the above sock before midnight last night in order to cast on for this before PS: FIRE ran out. Which I still maintain is totally logical, but I'm sort of glad none of my housemates asked me to explain.

And just wait till you see what I've got cooking for PS: EARTH. Er... actually you've already seen most of it, but this time I'm actually going to finish something during the allotted time, rather than just start it.