Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hybrid Vigor

Something odd happened to my knitter's brain the last few months: not only did I stop knitting altogether, but I did so just after finishing what is easily the most demanding project I have ever attempted, and couldn't even be bothered to take some pictures and write a post.

Then I quit my job, and that very afternoon I found myself sitting at my kitchen table and I felt... restless, somehow... itchy-fingered... it took me a few minutes to recognize it, but let's just say I've cast on at least 4 things since then. So I've got all sorts of things to show and tell, but I can't let THIS go any longer.

The Lady models The Hybrid.

I sort of can't believe it really worked out. I started imagining this mutt of a sweater almost a year ago. I had loved Eunny's Venezia Pullover from the first moment I got a peek at it but was a bit overwhelmed by the enormity of the thing. And I loved Road to Golden but didn't feel the geometric pattern would be terribly flattering on me. So the seeds of a hybrid started germinating...

Honestly, combining these two patterns was entirely straightforward. I essentially followed the pattern for Golden, adjusting the numbers for a sportweight yarn based on my swatches, and substituting the brocade pattern from Venezia for the diamondy, argyley thing that Golden's got going on. I of course had to adjust the colorwork pattern horizontally to make sure it was centered, given my total stitch count, but that was the heaviest math involved.

I did more bust increases than called for and left out the gussets, which in retrospect may have been a poor choice, fit-wise, but I do think it makes the patterns come together more cleanly.

The colorwork sleevecaps are basically made up on the fly. I wanted something a little rounder and smoother looking than the simple stripes from the Golden sleeves, so I improvised these. I'm fairly pleased.

All in all, this is both my proudest knitting achievement, and my greatest disappointment.

The disappointment is due solely to the fact that the damn thing doesn't fit. I gained 10 lbs this spring, and this sweater would have been annoyingly snug even on the slightly svelter body that I started knitting it for. It just didn't grow as much as my swatch did when I blocked it. Luckily I have a girlfriend slightly smaller than myself who doesn't resent the fact that this cute little garment didn't start life with her in mind. (AND will model for pictures on the hottest day of the year. Such a trooper.)

I'll probably get more satisfaction out of seeing it on her than I would out of wearing it myself, anyway.

All the basic stats are on Ravelry, but it's been so long that I'm sure I'm leaving out some relevant details, so feel free to ask questions! And thanks again for sticking around through my highly spotty blog attendance. :)