Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In which I distract you from my slackerhood with Interspecies Love.

I seem to have come down with a moderate case of false-startitis.

The symptoms?
  1. Remember how WAY back when, I asked for color advice for a Two-Tone Shrug for my sister? Yeah. I chose a nice dark red, then got about five rows into it before i decided I was totally bored. She'll be getting a cuter than cute hat instead.

  2. I got most of the way through a super thick, squishy log cabin sock in Lamb's Pride Bulky before I remembered Katie's dad can't wear wool. Where is my brain?

  3. I was going to design the world's loveliest cabled scarf for my Dad, but I think I started too late. I gave it several tries, but nothing looked the way I wanted it to. Given more time I'm sure I could pull it off, but for now he'll be getting a seed stitch scarf instead. Classy and simple. (And unphotographed. Sorry.)

The cause? It pains me to say it, but all that knitting mojo I'd accumulated just drained out of me in an instant: I left myself logged into flickr on Katie's computer, and The Super Surprise Xmas Thing is a Surprise no more. I almost cried. I hardly have the heart to finish seaming. But it will still be beautiful and appreciated and loved... just not a surprise. Damn it.

In the meantime, there's one thing I have managed to commit to: Yes, predictably enough, our "foster cat" pretty quickly became our "oh my goodness, you're a kitty! yes you are! my fuzzy little dumpling cat...". He'll be staying around.

Not exaggerating. Best Cat Ever.

My one hesitation was that he was completely freaked out (and I have the claw marks to prove it) by Maya's incessant, pushy brand of affection. But this is what I found when I came downstairs this morning. Notwithstanding that someone isn't actually supposed to be on the couch at all, this is serious progress -- he'll be sleeping on her head before long.