Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Querying the hivemind.

Remember how euphoric I was about the new house and all the work we'd done? Well, I still love the house, and I'm still proud of the remodeling, but I guess I got kind of spoiled by taking that whole first week off of work. After that, I not only went back to work, I also started one of these crazy triple-speed summer courses, which eats up another 20 hours of my week. I don't sleep much, I'm rarely home and when I am, my house isn't the way I want it to be, I'm not eating well, etc. I even smoked a couple of cigarettes. (Tssk.) The good news is that I've pushed right through the crazy, cranky, bitchy phase (all last week) to the serene, exhausted, it-will-all-be-better-soon phase.

But I'm still never home when there's good picture-taking light, plus the internet installation had to be delayed for an extra week. I was trying to hold off on posting until I had pretty pictures to show you, so I apologize, but I need your wonderful brainpower:

I'm planning to make Stefanie Japel's Two-Tone Ribbed Shrug for my sister, in Cascade 220. In the interest of stashbusting, one of the colors will be Jet, leftover from the Stripey Sweater. For whatever reason, I am totally at a loss for color-think right now, so tell me: should the deep deep grey be the body color, or the accent? And what on earth should the other color be? Almost anything works with my sister's hair & complexion, so it's just a matter of the right inspiration, and I know all y'all are more on it today than I am.

Stay tuned 'til next time, when both the yarn and I are Calmer. (Badump ching.)


Ashley said...

Mmm, Calmer.

Sorry, got distracted. Maybe green of some kind? Or a lighter gray? Honestly, I never know what to wear with gray except black, or maybe like a garnet red?

(Wow, I am helpful.)

Stacey said...

it's so hard getting back into life after time off - finding time to do anything is a struggle for me also.

if you used the jet as the body, maybe a nice pink, purple or blue as the trim? pretty much any color goes with that gray - if you pick a lighter or bolder color I think it will just pop!

Courtney said...

I also think pink would be really fun and lighthearted. A light pink perhaps!
What class are you taking?

pamela wynne said...

I've been in a place of serious grey-and-yellow love lately -- banana and mustard shades look lovely with grey. Or maybe plum? Or peachy pink?

Kristy said...

Wow, you're busy!

There are too many choices... what kind of a shrug are you looking to make? One that's neutral and goes with everything? Or is there one particular outfit you think she'd like to wear it with?

Neuroknitter said...

Pink. Pink and gray, Pink and Jet, you can't go wrong with pink. Garnet red sounds tres yummy, too.

Did you know I put pink in my hair...I'm into a major pink phase right now! Happy knitting!!! :)

larissa said...

I'm making that shrug, and I can tell you that the "accent" color is the one you see the most of, rather than the "body" color. So I might go for the jet as the trim and it would be a nice neutral shrug to wear with lots of things. Mine is bright orange on the trim and I'm wondering how useful it will be, though pretty.

nova said...

I love the combination of light blue with grey. The re-entry to real live after time off is usually painful for me...but your living room is so fantastic...that would help me find some peace, I think.