Friday, January 12, 2007

Particularly welcome.

It is my favorite kind of day in Portland today -- cold and bright, of course. It's particularly welcome after weeks of cool and damp, and it reminds me of the last time we were graced with such crispness: right after Christmas, when The Lady snapped this bit of eye candy.

She has quite the eye for lillies, it turns out. I'm slowly realizing, however, that we may need to be a two camera household. This strikes the logical half (or... uh, 80%) of my brain as silly and superfluous, and it strikes my bank account as impossible. But that doesn't change the fact that I have no pictures of the Shedir I started a few days ago. Both it and the pair of Anemoi have to be done and out of the house by Monday though, so don't be afeared. Documentation is imminent.

Happy Friday, y'all. Enjoy the long weekend!


NeuroKnitter said...

Hi Stella! Thanks for visiting our blog! Your projects are amazing! I love the Anemoi you knit! It is lovely and I'm sure the recipient will love them!! Your Print o' the Wave stole is gorgeous, and your grandmother is adorable modeling it! Have a great holiday weekend! Happy knitting! The photo of the Lily is lovely...pass it on with a "hi"!

Courtney said...

She really does have an eye for lilies. I cannot wait to see more wonderful knitting photos!