Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Came for the yarn, stayed for the fluffy bunnies.

This Sunday, we caught the tail end of the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival -- my first time at such a yarny, fibery, ungulate-filled event. I loved it.

I harbor some not-necessarily-all-that-harebrained fantasies about being a nurse, working a couple shifts a week, and having a little farm with chickens and goats and alpaca.

I mean really. How can you resist such a fluffy beast? (Not to mention the fiber obtained therefrom.)

This dude actually came within inches of following us home. The ANGORA! And the cute! Alas, we caved at the last minute to the notion of wise deliberation and forethought, blah blah blah.

Here's what did follow us home:

If I'm ever going to have that alpaca farm, I have to learn to spin, right? I figured I'd better start small, in case I totally hate it.

My virgin voyage to the land of STR (across a scummy pond, apparently). Oh, yes, my pretty, I have plans for you already.

ps. More OFFF pics here, including a real live yak and camel.


Christy said...

I almost got that pond scum also. And the yak! craziness! I don't think that I fully knew what yak looked like. I thought I knew but that was an interesting creature.

Christy said...

Oh, and the owner of Abundant did bring home a bunny. He lives and the shop now and is petrified of people.

Ashley said...

I tell you what--my cousin had alpacas. they are not quite as charming as those fluffy pom-pom heads would lead you to believe, between the spitting and the copious feces. I'm just sayin'.

Courtney said...

I couldn't even get into the STR booth on Saturday it was so packed, probably a good thing:)

Stacey said...

love the Pond Scum - what a great color!!!!!! bunny love - so cute!

Macoco said...

All of that fluffiness was almost unbearable. I wanted to pet my screen it looked so squishy.

tiennie said...

How weird to say this but Pond Scum is beautiful! Sounds like a great time!

Neuroknitter said...

I'm so glad you made it to OFFF! What a beautiful drop spindle! I was inspired by Courtney to get some lovely roving and to start spinning again! I dunno...did you get the business card to track down that bunny...he was too cute...they can sit on your lap and you can spin their fiber directly from them...pretty special! Have fun with all your goodies!!!

pamela wynne said...

Mmm, Copious Feces. Thanks for that, Ashley!