Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Beating the blues.

Thank you so much for all the tips, y'all! Besides getting advice, it's nice to be reminded that I'm not alone in my winter blues. It seems that the coping mechanisms fall into two rough categories: First, guarding against depression by making your body healthier and happier (light, exercise, sleep, healthy food). These were the ones that I had mostly anticipated. The second category though, I tend to neglect: making a point of ENJOYING the winter. Maybe this should have been obvious because I don't actually dislike winter itself, just the way it saps my energy. So yeah. Here's to attending to the good stuff: fires, cider, soup, and obviously handknits.

In that spirit, 3 more things that are making me happy:

1. Organizing and pretty-fying my house. Every time I walk into this room I think, "Wow. I love my life."

2. Crafting with the ladies of said house. In the organizing craze, I tackled the basement as well. It's where the TV lives, since I have a deeply ambivalent relationship with the television and won't allow it in the living room. But the basement had also become the bottomless pit of Un-unpacked Shit. So I finally spiffed it up a bit and now, although not as cute as the upstairs, it's perfect for making stuff while watching stuff.

There's The Lady painting*, yers truly working on a pretty but very boring scarf, and our new housemate Ronica, sewing lavender stuffed eye pillows. Mmmm.

3. The interweb! I love my sock, Elinor loves her sock, y'all are out there making stuff and telling me about it and it's all just so awesome. And on that note, the random number generator (actually random, since it's based on atmospheric noise... so cool) picked number 23, so Kath, check your email!

*Speaking of which, go check out her latest painting in her etsy shop. It's our first joint project!


tiennie said...

I love that room too! So pretty and relaxing and how nice to have people crafting with you.

The sock you knit for Elinor is beautiful!

Jennie said...

you, clearly, share my love of red. your house looks so cozy and wonderful. I've been remiss on posting progress of the boy's house. the floors look so good and the upstairs is almost finished... pictures soon (once the dust from downstairs settles!).

In the meantime, keep embracing the wonderful things about this darker time of year.

schrodinger said...

That room looks so wonderful and cozy, it must be lovely to come home to that. Those tips are pretty great, now to actually follow them :)

Kath said...

Thanks! Got your email and replied back with my snail mail address. The yarn looks marvelous, I'll be sure to think up something special for it!

By the way - love the hardwood floors with the red walls and that rug. Such great warm colors!

Macoco said...

What a wonderful home! I know what you mean about walking into a room and thinking "I love my life." I had one of those moments last night - I was just reading in bed and was overcome with happiness of my life, friends, home. Makes me giddy.

I hope your winter passes swiftly, but that you enjoy a lot of the good things!

Stacey said...

I love deep, red rooms - we have a room upstairs that is almost that exact color and it is so warm and cozy!!!

Amy said...

I love that room! Our dining room in our house back in MA is the same red. I hope we get to move back there soon!

Enjoy your warm, cozy knitting retreats. :)

Courtney said...

The house looks great..I meant to respond to your blues post but got distracted. It has been really sunny so far this Fall which is helping me a lot. I am going to and leaving work early and the little bit of outside daylight and dog walking seems to be helping too.
I'm so jealous of yor cozy basement crafting space! We finally got a BIGASS bookshelf for our livingroom though, which makes our space more put together and cozy!

Neuroknitter said...

Your wall colors are awesome!! Thanks for stopping by...You have a good weekend, too...Will you be at the BMFA De-stash sale?

Neuroknitter said...

Oh dear...does sale yarn count? :) Pics of the frenzy will be forthcoming if I'm not trampled!! LOL! Happy knitting!

Dr. B. said...

I can see why you love your life -- great rooms, lovely Lady, cozy crafting. That rooster painting is great! Congrats on the joint venture!