Friday, January 25, 2008

Urban Aran: Totally not a figment of my imagination.

After brief technical difficulties (fucking USB cords...) we continue our FO parade with something a long, long time coming:

It's real! And it's finished! Technically the zipper didn't get sewn in until January, but I'm counting it as a 2007 FO. Because I'm the decider.

I've wanted to make this for The Lady for over a year now, but wasn't certain enough of my skills. But when the hourglass sweater went so well and so easily, I said to myself, 'Self, we can do this'. And do this we did.

The Dirt:
Pattern: Urban Aran, from Paton's Street Smart. Cardiganized a la Jared of Brooklyntweed.
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky, in Old Sage. I used roughly 2.5 1-lb cones, so about 1250 yds.
Needles: US 9s for the cuffs & hem, 7s for the collar, 10s for everything else.
Mods: I... pretty much did exactly what Jared did -- jacketified and lengthened by about 2 inches total. Oh, and I accidentally made the slanty cabley parallellogram thing at the waist one repeat too long on the first front, so I just did the same with the rest of them and it looks fine, particularly with the added length over all.

I have zero complaints about the pattern. This was my first time dealing with set in sleeves, or really any substantial seaming at all, and it was far less harrowing of an experience that I'd feared. Possibly because the sleeve caps actually fit into the armscyes, more or less. Although not always quick, everything about this was straightforward and turned out as I'd hoped it would.

The yarn is, as I can tell from experience and from you helpful internet citizens, going to pill. But frankly, that's true of any yarn that I could afford in this kind of quantity. And I'm very pleased with the texture and the color. What are sweater shavers for, anyway?

If I had it all to do again I would change one and only one thing: I'd add another row or two to the collar so that the whole thing is exactly the same length as the zipper. Right now, the very last couple millimeters of zipper peek out at the top. Which, um. I could obviously fix, and probably will. But she was just so anxious to WEAR it, you know?

ETA: I almost forgot -- I have officially decided that the Sweater Curse is, like the risks of unwanted pregnancy and mothers nagging about 'setting a date', one of the things I'm exempt from as a member of a same-sex relationship. I did, however, freak out a little once when we fought while I was knitting this. But The Lady is way too cute (and too well versed in knit-culture) for me to give her up: when I gave her the sweater she grinned and said "Does this mean I have to break up with you now?"


Stacey said...

That came out amazing!!!!!! I love your version!

melissa said...

it really came out fantastic, i love it!

jennie said...

it looks *great*. Congrats on sweater glory!! You're inspiring me to try my hand at one, one of these days...

buhnuh said...

Looks awesome. I love that the zipper opens both ways. I need to make more sweaters.

jillian said...

That looks great! And what an incredible present!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Love the jacketification, and the Lady is a major keeper!

Kristy said...

Beautiful job! This is such a nice sweater. I like the double zipper you chose, too.

sulafaye said...

Wow,great job! The fit is perfect, the color's great, and I'm into the two way zipper

Jodi said...

Fabulous! I love the length, "jacket-ifying," and color. What a lovely gift.

nicole said...

Aw, what a cutie! The sweater looks great, congratulations!

whitney said...

It looks fantastic! Seriously, the fit looks so perfect! I really like that two-way zipper, too.

a friend to knit with said...

stella, this is so beautiful!!! it looks like the perfect sweater for the Lady. i am a true believer in the sweater curse, and am SO happy you are exempt! :) fabulous, fabulous job!

Kath said...

Wow, fabulous job! I completely understand why she wanted to wear it right away. I would too! And I'd be surprised if it pilled. I've never used the Bulky LP but I've used the worsted weight and it never has.

Charles said...

O My God~~~
Look at you! It sooo amazing see the jacket out really lovely!!

Also chack out my knitting blog too see what to think ..if have a time! Also leave tyour comment too!



paula said...

It's a magnificent sweater. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

femiknitter said...

It looks great! It fits her well, and the color is lovely. Great work!

desiknitter said...

Beautiful!! I love the colour, the way it fits, and the diagonal rib shapes the waist very well. Your Lady looks very good in it, and very happy too. Excellent job.

Amy said...

It looks just perfect--congratulations!

Funessa said...

OMG, this looks amazing!!! It fits her perfectly! I can't believe this is only your second sweater.

And I'm glad to hear you escaped the Curse! I'm still trying to decide if I believe in it (we're long-term but not married), and you have given me hope!

Alice said...

It looks awesome on her! The double zipper totally rocks as well.

schrodinger said...

It looks brilliant - and a big hit, which is the most important part. Congrats.

Specs said...

That looks great! And the zipper thing totally isn't noticeable.

(And the Curse is total bunk. R hasn't left me yet and I knit him a crappy sweater years ago.)

nova said...

That is pretty awesome! And I didn't even noticed the zipper length until you mentioned it. Fan-reaking-tastic.

Specs said...

P.S. I tagged you as a blogger who makes my day. See the blog for more details.

Macoco said...

Ha! She sounds like one sassy lady. She's lucky to have someone that would knit a sweater so absolutely gorgeous as that one. You did an amazing job.

tiennie said...

Wow! That's fantastic!

kelp! said...

That sweater is perfection!

Lynn said...

That looks wicked cool! You know, like it was made for her!

I've GOT to knit that sweater.

Christy said...

The Lady is rockin the Urban Aran...great job.

Kara said...

Looks like a perfect fit!

Elinor said...

Hahahaha, that's priceless! Well, I hope for your sakes that the alleged curse does not apply. I don't buy it anyway. The jacket looks absolutely stunning!!!!! I wish I had the courage to try sewing in a zipper. And the two-way one is even better!!!

funessa said...

You make my day!

pamela wynne said...

It's *perfect*! And she looks great in it!

(Also, I'm pretty sure somebody in the DH crowd just invented the "curse" in order to sell unsuspecting straight girls stupid books like "Never Knit Your Man A Sweater Until you Get the Ring" or whatever the fuck it's called.)

Zani said...

Achei muito lindo seu casaquinho, embora eu não seja muito muito boa de tricô, só sei o básico, Muito diferente mesmo, e as toucas também são lindas, te convido para vir ao meu blog, o que eu entendo mesmo é de crochê. Um grande abraço, e parabéns!

Kristen Otte said...

OMG dude. First of all, why did I not know that you're a knitter? I'm a knitter! But definitely not even close to as good as you. Second, that sweater is INCREDIBLE!!!!! You're a knitting genius!!

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