Friday, February 08, 2008

Love, hats, and more love.

I'm sorry to report that the craftiest thing I've done all week was hemming my pants. However! My procrastinatory nature is the gift that keeps on giving, because I have such a backlog that I'm at no loss for postable stuff.

1. Sweater love
First off, THANK YOU for all your lovely comments about the Urban Aran -- and about Katie! (Just to clear up any confusion, Katie and The Lady are one and the same. 'The Lady' is not some bloggy pseudonym but rather, it's what I actually call her, most of the time. As in "How was your day, The Lady?" or "Hey, The Lady, did you feed the chickens?")

2. The last hat of 2007
Note that I didn't say the last FO of 2007. There are a couple more hanging around waiting to be photographed, but who knows when that will happen.

This hat was a special request from my friend Michael (He bought me the yarn, no fast-breaking here!), and he was very excited about the idea of a rolled up brim. So I took our favorite pattern, knit the ribbing for about 4 inches, and did 4.5 pattern repeats instead of 5.

The yarn is Malabrigo, in Black Forest, well under a skein. I may never knit this pattern in anything but Malabrigo ever again.

3. The first hat of 2008
I was on the streetcar the other day, and spotted a woman in the world's cutest hat. So I made one myself. Actually the band on her hat was skinnier than this one, and stockinette, and had a buckle instead of a button, but whatever. I give you the Streetcar Hat:

Way easy: I took some Lamb's Pride Bulky left over from the Urban Aran, cast on what looked like a reasonable (and odd) number of stitches on US9s -- i think it was 13 sts -- and knit a long rectangle in seed stitch with a slip stitch selvedge on both sides, until it was long enough to go around my head snugly with an overlap about as long as the band is wide. I did a few rows with decreases one stitch in from the edge, to round it off, and bound off. Then I picked up the selvedge stitches along one side, leaving the overlappy bit un-picked-up, decreased one (I was lucky) to get a multiple of 7, and knit stockinette in the round until it was long enough, then did your standard crown decreases. Sewed on a button and thar she be. Yes, the button is totally non-functional. I didn't think I would ever use a buttonhole, so I didn't put one in.

Got the lovely button from Josephine's Dry Goods, which you should totally check out if you're in the area. Gorgeous fabric and a whole wall of buttons.

4. Bloggy love
Can I just say how much I like this Make My Day thing? Yeah it's a nice little ego boost to get tagged, sure, but mostly what I love is that I've found SO many excellent new blogs to read, all with the stamp of approval of somebody I'm already reading. AWESOME.

So of course I was thrilled to make the days of Specs, Jennie, and Vanessa. (ETA: and Desiknitter! Sorry I'm such a spaz.) You three all make my day, too, seriously. And although many of the folks who also do so have already posted their own lists (I'm late hopping on this train, like so many others), I still want to give them a little shout out so they and y'all know I love 'em. So the remaining 7 (since I'm tagging back those three lovely ladies) in alphabetical order:

Dr. B -- Superior sewing skills, utmost humility, and the ability to make me laugh out loud at Every Single Post. The woman is awesome.
Elinor -- Is she cranking out the pretty stuff lately or what? Plus, one seriously cute baby.
Kristy -- Besides all the beautiful knitting, I love reading Kristy's blog because we have a similar career trajectory AND she's joining me in my stash challenge. Except she has to run. HA!
Leslie -- There's nothing I can say about Leslie or her blog that would be prettier or friendlier or better than the lady and the blog themselves. Go see.
Melissa -- I just started reading this, but I love it. There's something about her style that I really, really dig.
Tiennie -- How does she do it? Not just the beautiful knitting, of course, but the keeping up with everyone and their cousin in this little community of ours? A very sweet and talented lady, no question.
Whitney -- Again, there's just something about Whitney's knitting style that I really love. I'm always happy to see her name light up in my google reader.

Phew. So hard to choose!!

Happy Friday, y'all. I shall return with WIPs.


The_Add_Knitter said...

Love that gigantic button! And the rolled up bring is a fantastic modification...

Kristy said...

I have to agree... Koolhaas + Malabrigo = perfect. I love the rolled up brim mod.

Thanks for the compliment! I like reading your blog too :) And I don't mind running for yarn-- that means I can actually acquire more yarn guilt-free! HA!

nova said...

I like these hats (a lot) I am digging the Malabrigo & Koolhaas partnership too. And I have to say, JDG is the happiest place on earth. The wall of buttons, swoon.

Rebecca said...

I loved knitting the Koolhaus Hat. I purchased Malabrigo afterwards and am itching to use it...I just keep petting it and petting it!

Desiknitter said...

hey you made my day too!
(and nice hat, I love the button!)

melissa said...

thank you!
i just discovered your blog too and i instantly subscribed through bloglines.

i love the streetcar hat and it's fantastic, gigantic button!

whitney said...

Awww, thank you! Great hats! I tried knitting a Koolhaas in my leftover Malabrigo from my Cobblestone, but the frequency of the cable crossings drove me nutty, alas. The streetcar hat is super cute, the button!

a friend to knit with said...

awwww stella! thank you so much! you totally made my day and night over here!!!!!

ok. your hat is so great! great great job on creating what you saw!!! i love it. and yes...the button is awesome!!! as is your KOOLHAAS!!!

Elinor said...

Awww, thanks Stella! That's awfully sweet of you. I'm a pretty big fan of your blog too! I love the hats!

Stacey said...

love the hats! what a great idea to have a rolled up brim!

tiennie said...

Those are fantastic hats!

Thanks so much! You totally deserve the nomination too!

Ariel said...

Whoa - I just made up a very similar hat because I spotted what the Cutest Hat in the World at a yarn shop. Mine had a garter brim, though. I may need to make a seed stitch version now.

merpez lamor said...


Those hats are amazing.



Mintyfresh said...

great hats--love the one with the big button!

Courtney said...

Your streetcar hat is amazing! I think you should probably write that one up and submit it somewhere or make it available for sale on your blog..

Christy said...

I'm loving the streetcar hat. And which career of Kristy's is similar to yours? Her current one or the one she is taking classes for for a career change? Just wondering, b/c my career is the latter one.

Dr. B. said...

Oh my wonderful goodness! Thank you SO much for these incredibly kind words! Wow. Really. Wow.

Ok. Also? How much do I LOVE that you call her The Lady? A whole lot. That's how much.

And how much do I love all your knitted items and that hat with the big button? Also a whole lot.

It's all love up in here, I tell you what.

Thanks again, Stella, for making my day.

pamela wynne said...

Love both the hats, but that rolled brim? Makes me want to make a Koolhaas for myself, instead of giving them away. :)

R a i n said...

That's so cool! You are certainly talented. Glad to have come across your blog =)